Remembrance Day


2019 - From the War Memorial



Led by Revd. Annie Goldthorp and Revd. Paula Smith.


Kohima Epitaph:


“When you go home, Tell them of us and say,


“For your tomorrow, We gave our today.”



Deddington – Clifton - Hempton

In Memory of those who died for their country


Boer War

Vincent L

Satchell C


First World War

Adey A

Austin J

Bannard P B

Bliss E

Bolton W F

Bull R P

Callow C

Carvill W J

Castle A J

Castle G W H

Checkley J H

Chislett A J

Chislett N

Churchill H G S

Coulton W C

Curryer E W

Davis G I

Deane F

Deeley S H

Dore O A J H

Dunn W J

Ell A C

Fletcher C G

Ford T

Freeman H

French W L

Gardiner L H

Gardiner W

Gardner W A

Gilkes C B

Godfrey J

Gomm A A

Grace H

Griffin H G

Hancox A E

Hancox W D

Hancox W R

Hawkins B

Hawkins E J

Hawkins F

Hawkins J F

Hicks J

Hiorns J W

Hitchman E C

Hutt A W

Hutt F R

Jarrett F

Jordon G W

Manchip T A

Mundy J E

Pinfold P

Smith I

Spencer A E

Stanley W T

Stevens A

Sykes E

Sykes G

Sykes H C

Sykes N W

Taylor A C

Tustain F T

Tustain M J

Tustain W H V

Twissell J E

Waddup F

Weaver W A

Wheeler B

White G H

Wilkins W

Woolgrove FC

Yerbury A E


Second World War

Churchill R A F MiD

Coulton W C

Dumbleton E B

Garrett F B

Gilkes J R F

Greenaway W R

Hall E S G

Harris K H DFM

Lewis J H

Pyman L L

Sorrell H

Sykes E A

Van Oss T W


Malaya Hall R L



At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them