Mine - Radio Drama


The cast of Mine


Everyone knows about the tunnels that run under Northampton town. To the locals they are the stuff of folklore, to historians a glimpse into the past, but to the occupants of Pete’s news on one ill-fated day they are about to become something more, something extraordinary, something terrifying. The tunnels are home to more than rats and forgotten history. To someone, or something, they are a hunting ground and a lair. Something is down there and it owns the darkness. To the lurker below it is… “Mine”.




Mine - complete







Unique Media is the University of Northampton’s School Of Arts production company. We work with our students and staff to provide audio, visual and written content for local, national and international media and businesses.




  • Molly - Lucy Farrington-Smith
  • Peter - Chris Burdett
  • John - Josh Harvey
  • Jasmine – Rebecca Pearce
  • Andy - Billy Knott




    • Production – Iain Griffin
  • Photography – Samuel Cockings




    Mine - the making of






    With thanks to Kevin Robinson