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Banbury Guardian audiobook 2020



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Recorded 1st October 2020



Recorded 17th September 2020



Recorded 3rd September 2020



Recorded 20th August 2020



Recorded 6th August 2020



Break due to Covid-19



Recorded 12th March 2020



Recorded 5th March 2020



Recorded 27th February 2020



Recorded 20th February 2020



Recorded 13th February 2020



Recorded 6th February 2020



Recorded 30th January 2020



Recorded 23rd January 2020



Recorded 16th January 2020



Recorded 9th January 2020



Recorded 2nd January 2020







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We assist Banbury Round Table with their Christmas activities to help raise our local profile.


If you or someone you know would benefit from a copy of the Banbury Guardian audio book delivered then please contact Peter Wroe on 01295 258474.