Aaron Bliss


Dr Gygax is in situ, operating in the Theatre of the Absurd.
He floats somewhere between the past and the future, sanity and madness, dreams and reality.
He hears a strange beast in pursuit, though never sees its face.


Will you bolt the door from the weary traveller, who comes asking so little?




A long drive home, in the dead of night on a deserted highway asks whether the journey or the destination is most important.


Blog of my Gran's demise

Ruminations on a death in the family.


The Dream Forest

Ezra meets a Tiger in the Forest. A childrens story by Aaron Bliss.

Click here for the text (PDF)


Monkeys with Guns

The Road meets Planet of the Apes.

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Tea and biscuits with Mikey Large

Gideon Gygax gets the low down on Deddington Football.


John Fathers Junior Shield Final 16th April 2011

Deddington Town vs Thame played in Kidlington.

Deddington Town website http://www.deddingtontownfc.com/


Lord Jersey Cup Final

Deddington Town Vs Highfield Old Boys - played in Bicester on 25th April 2011




Blogs from Aaron Bliss


"I wasnít present at that momentous time when Death slipped into the room and stole my grandmotherís breath. I was fortunate enough to have had time to speak whatever words I could coherently form, whether she had the strength and resources to hear them or not. You have a lifetime to speak a million words [...]"